Local Selling Tips


Whats my home worth?

Contact me at mclements@c21scheetz.com or (317)814-5537 so I can personally gather information specific to your situation and give you an accurate description of what to expect under current market conditions.  Be sure to include your square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage type, and lot characteristics with your request.


 Seller Tips:

-Let in light!  Bright neutral rooms appeal to most buyers.  Steps to optimize light include neutral paint, opening the blinds/drapes, cutting back landscaping obstructing windows. 

-Declutter! Remove all unneeded items in small rooms as well as closets and cabinets.  Clutter will make rooms and areas look small and devalue your property overall. 

-Curb appeal!  Spruce up landscaping, have the lawn treated, make sure paint is fresh on front door and street facing facade.  Also, all sidewalks and driveways need to be in good shape.  Remember, curb appeal gives all buyers their first impression of your property.  Most will base a huge portion of their opinion of your property based on your curb appeal! 

*For a complete 21 step evaluation of your property to maximize sales price contact me at mclements@c21scheetz.com or (317)814-5537